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About our PRPA Polygraph Team

Our Polygraph Examiners have conducted thousands of polygraph tests and have brought their expertise from the New Hampshire State Police and Maine State Police Major Crimes and Polygraph Units together to the private sector. These Examiners have extensive polygraph experience in testing subjects accused of Murder, Gross Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse of Minors, Arsons, Burglary, Thefts, Computer Crimes, Domestic Violence, Internal Affairs issues, Pre-employment Polygraph Screenings and in Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing. They use state of the art polygraph equipment and bring their decades of experience and professionalism to you and only use validated polygraph testing techniques that are supported by research.

RanhoffMichael P. Ranhoff earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Providence College in 1975. He began his law enforcement career in 1980 when he joined the Arizona Highway Patrol. He later joined the New Hampshire State Police and retired as a Detective Sergeant from their Major Crimes Polygraph Unit. Michael graduated from the Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School in 1998. He has completed the basic and advanced PCSOT polygraph schools modeled after the Oregon and Colorado models. Michael has administered thousands of diagnostic, pre-employment, internal affairs, and post-conviction sex offender polygraph examinations. He has advanced training in interview techniques, interrogation, statement analysis and has instructed at the New Hampshire Police Academy. Michael was also chosen by the office of Maine’s Commissioner of Public Safety to help draft the current Maine Polygraph Law MRSA Title 32 Chapter 86 § 7351. Michael is the manager of Parlin & Ranhoff Professional Associates.

FerlandWarren W. Ferland, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology from Husson University. Warren began his law enforcement career with the Hull, Massachusetts Police Department and was later hired as a Maine State Trooper. He retired from the Maine State Police in 2014. Warren was promoted to polygraph examiner and was assigned to the Maine State Police Polygraph Unit for fourteen years, working as a supervisor for ten years during that time. Warren was trained in polygraph at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Police College in 2001. He has conducted thousands of interviews and has extensive polygraph and investigatory experience solving the most heinous crimes including murder and sex crimes. He as well has extensive experience in conducting polygraph examinations in internal affairs investigations, pre-employment polygraph screenings and post-conviction sex offender tests. Part of his duties with the Maine State Police required him to intern new polygraph examiners and review their work for polygraph licensing with the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Public Safety. Warren is also the manager of Ferland Polygraph Services.